Saturday, March 7, 2015

Star Wars again

Tonight was a much more successful viewing of the Star Wars trilogy.

The boys had a good day today. They spent the morning at the toy library, then they spent a chunk of the afternoon at Grandma's house while The Wife had a quartet job. I was at an all-day quartet coaching, so I was gone from 9-4.

My blessed wife gave me an hour's nap once I was done, thankfully. I'm still not over whatever it was that crushed me earlier in the week, so every bit of rest is good. I haven't exercised since Monday, and - although I'm feeling it a bit - I needed the rest.

The boys got home and played Kingdom Hearts together. I finished off a couple of novels I've been dancing around, one of which was a collection of John Constantine comics that I picked up on Black Friday. We had a light dinner, because I had a big lunch and the boys went out for a pizza lunch.

We watched the last half of Empire Strikes Back and had a great post-movie discussion. I think we blew The Boy's mind about the fact that, in that amazing movie, the good guys don't win. Not once. They get cut off and out-maneuvered every which way, and it's their own immense heart and skill that allowed them to get out, with the only casualties being Han, Luke's hand, Lando's city, and C3P0's General status. We watched the first bit of Jedi, through the gang outfoxing and destroying Jabba the Hutt, before the boys went to bed.

Their favorite parts: the light saber battle between Luke and Darth Vader; Luke's jump and escape from the Sarlac Pit; Leia strangling Jabba (this princess doesn't need a rescuer); and Luke's light saber fighting against Jabba's men.

My New Year's Resolution is to get the pictures on the iMac under control, and I started in December 2014 and am working backwards. I'm trying to delete about 6-7 thousand pictures off the hard drive, both for space's sake and for organization's sake. I'm now entering April 2014, so I've finished most of the year so far. I figure if I can knock off a month every week or two, then I'll be caught up by the end of the year. It's a long game. I did some pictures while watching "Better Call Saul," which was awesome.

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