Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The Boy has another awesome moment yesterday: he got to use the "grown-up now hold" for his violin! When you learn to play the violin, as a young child, your thumb goes on the bottom of the bow handle (the frog) instead of the middle. Moving your thumb to the middle requires more manual dexterity and some maturity - so the thumb doesn't start to bend backwards or stiffen up, making it hard to play.

He was so excited to have changed his bow hold that he was literally bouncing up and down!

One of the youth orchestras in town apparently started an elementary school orchestra this year. Another year - maybe two - and he'll be able to play with them. I'm looking forward to it, because I want him to be around other kids his age who play.

He's a lot like me: it drives him insane to be second best. Last year, if one of the kids in his class got ahead of him on the ST Math program, he wouldn't stop until he got back ahead of him. It's a great point of pride that he's farthest ahead in the "warm-ups" at the gifted center. So, being around other kids is the single best thing for him.

Little Bear is less motivated by that; he's confident that he's the smartest kid in the room, but he doesn't feel it necessary to display that to everyone in the same way The Boy and I do. Different personalities. The Wife is like Little Bear: quiet confidence, not my swaggering arrogance.

Should be fun either way.

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