Monday, March 23, 2015

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Busy weekend:

Friday night, the preschool classes (and recent alumni) sang the first few songs at the Friday night Shabbat service. It was very cute. Little Bear escorted The Baby up to the bima (altar), and The Boy sat with his friend, M, and sang with her up in front. We kind of had a late, late dinner afterwards, but the post-services snacks, combined with the pre-service stuff they had for the kids, served as a meal.

Saturday morning, I took the boys to run at Minadeo for the Saturday marathon run. We had a bit of an issue: The Boy got mad when Little Bear didn't want to run right with him, so he wound up taking a time out for a couple of laps. After the run (mile 24), we went to Home Depot and the farmer's market before lunchtime. Little Bear went to a birthday party, and I took 1 & 3 to the library to play, read books, and play chess. On the way out, we saw an awesome thing: a poster for a free performance of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, at a local college. The rest of the day was spent working outside.

The show was perfectly pleasant: a small drama club at Chatham College, an all-women's college nearby. The cast was all-female except for Snoopy. Because the genders were switched, they had to make some musical choices that were a little questionable. They made it work, mostly. We were most interested in the three or four new songs that we hadn't heard or remembered!

The Baby fell asleep right before the show started and woke up in time for the last two songs. The other two were paying close attention for the most part, although Little Bear was a bit squirrelly.

The highlight of the show had to be the actor who played Sally. Poor thing just couldn't find the rhythm - she was trying so hard but just couldn't get there. Like, the rest of the cast was snapping on 2&4, but she was on 1&3 and missing that some times. We applauded the effort.

The boys said hello the the actors after the show, which was nice for them. The Boy, in particular, said nice things, individually, to each cast member he met.

We got home close to 9:30, which was very late. Sunday deserves its own entry, so that'll be for tomorrow.

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