Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Good Day

Today might have been my best day in a couple of weeks.

The second Seder, last night, went quite well. It was a much smaller group: an illness derailed one family, and one of our guests had a time miscommunication where he thought everything was starting at 8 instead of 6. Whatevs. He still got fed, which was the important bit. But, ironically, because there were less people, things wound up less structured and more spread out. So, we didn't get back home until around 11, which is very late for my small people.

I was asleep about a half hour after them, which was before The Wife finished up and came home.

This morning I slept until about 6:15 and was woken by snoring little boys. I lolly gagged in bed, enjoying little snuggles, before coming downstairs and having a brilliant cup of coffee in an entirely silent house. There are few feelings better than a good cuppa and the morning news in a quiet house.

I did my normal Sunday workout with the boys hanging out and playing iPad. Little Bear, for his afikomen present, requested some extra levels unlocked for his favorite game, Mr. Crab. We had breakfast after exercise, and we lazed around the house until The Wife and The Baby got out of bed around 9. We facetimed with Grandpa for a while.

Little Bear and I had an epic duel which I won. He took a little while to get over it, and once he was ready to listen, I told him a couple of moves that he should have taken which might have won him the duel. I mean, so much of dueling card games comes down to luck (drawing the start of your powerful combinations before your opponent does), but you have to know how to use the cards. He's struggling with that, but he's learning quickly. Too quickly, as he wiped out a couple of good gambits I started earlier in the game.

We jogged our mile for the Steel City Kids Marathon around the neighborhood: it was a 60-something degree day. The Boy wasn't happy about our running route but finished strong regardless.

Once we got back home, they packed and left for Washington, DC. Aunt W got tickets for the boys to participate in the White House egg roll tomorrow morning. I hopped into bed and slept for an hour to celebrate.

When I got up, I read for a while before getting to work paying the monthly bills and finishing the state and local tax forms. I treated myself to a nice dinner at Applebee's tonight before settling down in front of the baseball game. I'll watch until I'm bored - probably about three or four innings, considering I have other things to do before bed.

The Cubs look good this year. Not as good as the Cardinals or the Bucs, but good.

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