Friday, April 3, 2015

First night

Tonight was the first Seder of Passover. Outside of Israel, many Jews will have two Seders on the first two nights. But, night number one was the big one.

We had the Seder at Grandma's house again. It's a wonderful environment for it: really really big living room that holds a lot of people, and we had 33 people come to this one (including the five of us). It was definitely a kid friendly place: there were toys and crafts on one side of the room, within easy sight of the table, so that kids who needed to take a break could.

There were my boys; a 2-year old son of college friends; a family with three little ones litter than mine; and another family with an older kid in a wheelchair. It went well. The kids were reasonably well behaved and participated in the festivities, singing their songs.

They were dressed in their finest clothes tonight, which is always cute. They love their clip on ties.

It's always a late night, so we didn't get home and didn't get settled until ten o'clock. Another long day tomorrow, with The Wife singing services most of the day.

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