Monday, April 13, 2015

Wet Stuff

So, the kids were staying with a friend this afternoon while The Wife was at a quartet thing, and around 4:30 she let me know that they were coming home from the playground. It was a beautiful, warm day: 83 degrees at that point in the afternoon.

The next text message, paraphrasing somewhat: "the Boy is running naked through my backyard." Fortunately, this was the same friend. It would be awkward from a different friend. This was followed by her letting me know that the boys were playing with water in the backyard.

I'm glad he's smart enough to take his hearing aids and glasses and stash them somewhere safe first. He does a good job with that. The boys know they're not going to get in trouble for being wet, like, 85 percent of the time, as long as they're smart about it. Take your shoes and socks off if safe. No electronics. If Dad has a phone outside of a Lifeproof case, he's off-limits.

Got them home, damp, without issue. Took the long way and made them run. Little Bear was whiny and complainy all through the run but, to his credit, made it through the end of the run. He's a tough kid. With his big brother? He'll have to be.


Today I was flipping through the new Photos program on our iMac while The Boy was practicing, and there was a project there: a slideshow of pictures from our Make-A-Wish trip. He and I both sat there, looking at the pictures and crying. Poor kid gets his overly emotional personality from me.

But man. What a week. May be the best week of my life.


Little Bear has started taking showers in the morning. So has The Boy. The Boy knows how to start the water. Little Bear doesn't but does know how to turn the water off. Seems like a problem that will solve itself, no?

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