Monday, January 30, 2017

Reading time

I'm starting to mandate more "family reading time," particularly now that The Baby is starting to read independently. It's called, turn off the devices, take out a book, and spend an uninterrupted fifteen to thirty minutes just reading.

It's good for the soul.

My reading time is different than it used to be. I'm making an honest effort to advance to my Jewish studies by reading religious-style books; I'm currently working through "Gates of Shabbat," which is a description of how to have various religious events in the sanctity of the home and how to adopt various events into the fabric of home life. I'm also working my way through a Reform Responsa book, written by Rabbi Jacobs, which is a set of question and answer style writings about various religious interpretations from a reform jewish perspective. Tonight, I read about the "official" feelings in a mixed marriage, when a parent decides to baptize a child out of spite after an acrimonious split.

Baptism as a weapon: not just a Simpsons theme. Circumcision as a weapon? The mind boggles.

Don't get me wrong; I've managed to find time to re-read Warren Ellis's "Planetary" series last month, and I just finished the first three volumes of the most recent Batman series. One needs some dessert to go with a main course.

The Boy is an easy mark when it comes to reading. He loves it. His only difficulty is choosing which particular book to read. He loves Little Bear's baseball lessons, because it gives him unrestricted access to a library for an hour and a half. I'm certain that the librarians love him, because he's honestly enthusiastic over everything literary! Of course, Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts are big features, as is Big Nate, the Captain Underpants books, and the Secret Series by "Psuedonyminous Bosch."

The Baby sometimes likes reading small people books (like Elephant and Piggy), sometimes likes paging through a comic book (we're big fans of Art and Franco's stuff - Teeny Tiny Titans, and Superman Family Adventures, and Super Powers), sometimes through  level 1 or level 2 readers, like the Empire Strikes Back book he got for Channukah.

Little Bear, though, is a greater challenge. He's more interested in Pokemon cards and sports to read, and I've even had issues getting him to crack open a sports book. I've bought a couple of the Matt Christopher sports stories, which he hasn't read yet since Channukah. He's read one of the Derek Jeter kids' books and enjoyed it; and he's done 1.5 Harry Potter books. He likes stories, and he's a good reader, he's just a physically active kid that doesn't like sitting in one place and reading. We'll get him, though.


Broken pinky update: he had no issues at baseball practice on Saturday with the fielding days. He did basketball on Sunday, with a think padded wrap on his hand and strict instructions not to use his left hand; he scored one basket en route to a 22-12 loss. Ortho appointment on Wednesday morning, and we'll see. Baseball practice with the 7 & 8 year old team on Friday, and baseball lessons on Saturday, which is a hitting day. I'm interested to see what happens.

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