Saturday, January 28, 2017


Saturdays, we rest. Sort of. We will generally bum around the house until about 8 or 8:30, when I'll motivate the children to clean up something in the house: their room, or the living room, or the kitchen, or somewhere that they have contributed the lion's share of the mess. Today, it was their room. Little Bear clean while The Boy and The Baby were screwing around; when we left the house, the two boys did not get our usual Sunday donut treat. They were warned, and I'm mean like that. If you don't at least meet me half way, you're out of luck. They had an hour to do 25 minutes of work, and it didn't get done.

This winter, Little Bear is taking baseball lessons at the Training Kamp site, which is part of the Athletic Club at the Carnegie Library in Homestead. The Carnegie Library in Homestead is not your typical local library: it's got a nice library, for sure, but it also has an 800-ish seat concert hall (where The Wife and I saw Kevin Smith a few years ago), an indoor pool, and I think there's a weight room in the building somewhere. There are also definitely some dance studios. So, not your typical place.

I'll get into Training Kamp later; suffice it to say, we love it.

So, Little Bear's lessons are 10:30-12:00 on Saturday mornings, from the beginning of October until the end of March. They work on footwork, glove drills, ball handling drills, swinging off a tee, hand position on the bat, turning the barrel the right way, that sort of thing. Tiny, detail-oriented items that, normally, it's hard to find time to do during the actual season.

The Boy loves it, because I let him go (by himself) upstairs to the library. He checks out a few books, and sits and reads them, or he plays his school math game on the computer (he's number one in the third grade at his school). The Baby hangs out with me and plays on my iPad, usually, or plays with some toys or books on days like today, when his lack of cleaning denied him the right to play on a device.

After, we went home, and I prepared a quick lunch while the boys cleaned off the kitchen table. The Wife came home and finished lunch with the boys, while I went upstairs and took a quick nap. We swapped places after an hour, and The Boy and I played our game.

My New Year's Resolution was to find some video gaming time with The Boy. Not competitive, but cooperative gaming time. This year, we're working on the Simpsons game from 2007. It's a fun platform puzzler, and there are funny situations in which the Simpsons get involved.

After that, we watched some television, and Grandma and Grandpa picked the boys up to take them out to dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year (with sushi). The Wife and I stayed home; she worked on a music project, and I watched "Max Max: Fury Road." After we picked the boys up, I finished the movie, and here I am.

This was a nice, relaxing Saturday. I didn't crack 4,000 steps on my fitbit, and it's almost 11 PM. I haven't historically been used to that; but, since my body decided to entirely fail on a regular basis since Thanksgiving, I've been forced to take days like today. Tomorrow, with my normal morning exercise and with the boys' basketball games and The Wife's multiple rehearsals, life gets back to normal.

I wonder if this is what a regular shabbat is like - a day of rest. Kind of boring. Baseball season starts at the end of March, so things will get interesting soon.

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