Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two Barbershop Stories

First one sad, second one funny.

My friend George Bailey passed away over the weekend. He was in his 90's, so - while we mourn the loss of a friend in our lives - we can celebrate a man who lived a long, full life; had a big, loving family; made wonderful music; and had many friends who loved him dearly. George sang enthusiastically for many, many years, and even got to sing a couple of songs with his favorite quartet (Gimme Four) a couple of days before he passed. He was a sweet guy who always asked about The Boy's health and about me when he saw my father; he went to mass every day, and he always said a special prayer for The Boy's health. It was an honor to know him, to sing with him, and to have directed him in chorus.

Today, my father's Valentine's Day quartet was rehearsing. They are doing Singing Valentines - pay your $50 or so, and a quartet will go to your S.O.'s place, sing a song or two, and gift a rose. Dad and three of his buddies do this every year as a fund raiser for the chorus. This was their first rehearsal, and it was at Dad's house. Anyway, they were singing, and they hit a pungent chord - just an out-of-tune stinker. (Not an expression of judgment - we all do it occasionally. Barbershop is a human art.) And, apparently at the same time, the picture of me tipped and fell over, as a response to the chord. Therefore, I was scolding them from 360 miles away.

That's awesome, and it made my night that Dad told me that.


Today I had a great sit-down with my Rabbi, and a great first session of vocal therapy. I need processing time for both, and I'm not in an emotional place to process it right now. I'll figure it out and let you know.

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aoneessays review said...

both of these stories had me glued to my seat and had me laugh and also had me feel sad. thank you so much for posting them here