Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How was your VD?

One of my co-workers asked me that this morning, which I found absolutely hysterical. I knew what he meant (how was your valentine's day?) immediately, but I appreciated the pun.

The Wife and I have a great relationship and very busy lives. Since she's a worship leader and a choir (x2) director, most of her actual work is during the times when I'm not at work. This makes for a great child-rearing situation (as one of us is almost always available to do parent things), but not such a great situation when it comes to scripting events to fall on specific days of a month. We don't get hung up on making sure that Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, in other words. It's not urgent that our anniversary, or either of our birthdays, are celebrated on that specific calendar day, because most of the time, that's not feasible.

VD this year was on a Tuesday. I have vocal therapy at 5:45; the boys had group classes from 5 until 6:30 (back-to-back, cello then both violins). I met The Wife at home, she dropped the boys off, then hopped into the car for orchestra practice. I went to bed late last night (was having a bit of an existential crisis at bedtime, which is a thing that happens to me relatively regularly), but I was still asleep by 10:45 or so; she was home from orchestra around 10:20 in enough time to say good night and get some of her synagogue work done.

It's an interesting thing, now that I'm thinking about it, that we've agreed to move pretty much every non-religious holiday to whatever day winds up suiting us the best. I mean, the religious holidays happen when they happen, whether they're work days (like Rosh Hoshanah or Yom Kippur) or family days (like Channukah or Passover). You can't move them around. But the rest of them, we can keep the spirit alive when we are actually able to celebrate.

Monday, we're going to have a nice, romantic date.... in the morning, after we get the kids to school. I don't have work, but the kids do have school (their semester break was two weeks ago). We'll go to brunch somewhere in town and spend a nice morning together. There might even be a nap involved. (That's not a euphemism. I actually mean that sleep is likely to occur.) That's because we enjoy living the high life like that.

For our birthdays and anniversaries, same thing. During her birthday last year, I was away, so we celebrated three weeks earlier when I went with my chorus to Boston. It was a wonderful weekend together! For my birthday, I'm fairly sure that Little Bear had a baseball game; so I went to work, then went to baseball afterwards. I honestly could not have imagined a more pleasurable way to spend my day. Let's see what this year will bring. Honestly, probably more baseball. Maybe some violin and cello playing.

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I can sense you and your wife have great understanding, many people dont. They have to celebrate on the day, even if they are tired or dont want or cut a lot of corners to do so! its aggravating.