Monday, February 13, 2017

Summer Plans?

The frightening is that, as the kids get older, the summers fill up quicker and more definitively. When they were younger, everything was based around our schedules: when do we need them to be watched so that we can do work-type things? Now, it's putting the puzzles together to make a comprehensive whole.

The Boy is doing a couple of weeks of J&R Camp, which is the day camp run by the JCC. Fun, games, swimming, songs, that sort of thing. He's doing a week of technology camp, and a week of gymnastics camp. Probably. Little Bear is doing Color Wars camp, technology camp, a week or two of baseball camp, soccer camp, and something undefined as of yet. The Baby is doing 5 weeks or so of J&R, and maybe a week of baseball camp, and maybe a week of gymnastics camp. There's also the potential for a week of "Cello Fury" camp - which is not open for just cellists, but for all string players. It's like a rock'n'roll camp for orchestra people.

Oh, and The Wife is traveling a week to Cincinnati for a worship music festival, and another week for a youth choral festival for the Hazamir chorus. One of those weeks - the shorter one that she's away - I'm taking off from work to spend some time with the boys (if their camp schedule allows). The other one, they're booked with before & after care to minimize the amount of downtime from work.

Also, we'd like to travel somewhere, if we can afford it this year. We're thinking about Colonial Williamsburg, because the boys have been so into Hamilton and the revolutionary war period. Maybe we spend a day or two there, spend a day at Yorktown, and hit any other revolutionary sites we can. (Where's Washington's home in Virginia?)

Also, there's the summer baseball schedule that Little Bear and The Baby will be playing - mostly Friday nights, Saturday days, and Sunday mornings (Sunday afternoons if we make "the playoffs" in any given tournament). I can't say that we will make the playoffs - but, I know the kids in our team, and I can't say that we WON'T, this year. It's going to be a GREAT year!

All of a sudden, those 10 weeks of summer vacation start shrinking really, really quickly. Remember when things used to be easy? I know that, in ten years, it'll be an entirely different kind of high-school crazy. Ten years after that, it'll be different as well, and then - if we're blessed with grandchildren - it starts over again. Thank G-d for grandparents and aunts & uncles who can help us send these kids to all the cool camps!

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