Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Waterless Wednesday

So, today, I was supposed to work at home. Little Bear had his orthopedics appointment, so The Wife would take him. I'd escort 1 & 3 to the bus stop, then work the remainder of the day at home. My manager has been very generous with letting me work at home on Wednesdays, to save my lungs from new carpet fumes. Anyway, he wasn't able to be in office, so plans changed. I'd take Little Bear to his appointment, then to school, and she'd take care of the others.

Then, we got notification on Tuesday night that our water was compromised. Flush & boil, they said; and that's what we've done. School was closed today, because they didn't have the ability to deal with the lack of potable water. I took Little Bear to his appointment, as planned, but things deviated; he came back with me to work, because I couldn't take him to school. He hung out for a few minutes while we waited for The Wife to pick him up on her way back from the south side of town and some unavoidable errands. He's a cute kid and very well mannered, so he made himself quiet while at work. He chatted about sports with my big boss, Pokemon cards with my friend Chris, and raided my food stores at my desk. In other words, behaved exactly like he worked there.

At the end of the day, like usual, the boys had Hebrew School at Rodef. The Wife brings 1 & 2, and she hangs out with 3 and prepares for her choir rehearsal. The Baby and I usually walk from Rodef to the comic book store, and we'll stop for a snack at Starbucks (which was closed because of the water issue) or Quiznos (which wasn't) for the walk back. Tonight, instead of coffee and a cake pop, we got a cookie and a soda.

After our walk, I sit with The Wife for a few minutes. It's one of the few times during the work week that she and I get to sit with each other, and I treasure that time. She's a cool lady, you know? I take the boys home afterwards, and I serve them dinner from the crock pot. Little Bear practices while I'm getting dinner ready, and after dinner the other two practice. If we have time - tonight, we didn't, because The Boy decided to be obnoxious and earned himself some upstairs-in-his-room-to-get-himself-together time - we'll watch something short, like the Simpsons.

The house is quiet. I like it quiet. I'm probably going to pour myself a small drink as a reward for making it through 60% of my week unscathed.


Progress report: made it back from December 31 to August 29. That's 1/4 of the year, in about two and a half weeks.


I'm not sure if you're the praying type, but good things might be happening. Think good thoughts for Friday.

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